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Home PageJohn Portman photoTom Hamilton 2004
About UsBlack and white cityscapeClyde May 1976
About UsWeWork officeCoda at Tech Square
About UsRooftop YogaCoda at Tech Square
About Us4 person constructionTodd Parker 2019
About UsBand in front of screenAlex Arnett 2019
About UsHard hatTodd Parker 2019
About UsCoda sign green dressAlex Arnett 2019
About UsRibbon cutting groupAlex Arnett 2019
About UsSpiral staircaseAlex Arnett 2019
About UsMarriott Marquis interiorJaime Ardiles-Arce
Meet the Team/Executive LeadershipAmbrish BaisiwalaAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/Executive LeadershipJohn Portman IVAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/Executive LeadershipMichelle BartonAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/Executive LeadershipJeff GreenwayJennifer L. Blount Photography
Meet the Team/AtlantaAlex HarveyAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaAli StreetmanAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaBarbara CallahanAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaBill MorrisonAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaCarey OwensAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaCharles Pinkham IIIAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaChris WichmannAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaDerek WhiteAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaHarri JarvenpaaAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaJosh GatelyAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaMary CaneerAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaMichelle SimpsonAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaReid ScottAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaRobert ConroyAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaSimon BaileyAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaTammy RuppelAtlanta Headshots
Meet the Team/AtlantaTravis GarlandAtlanta Headshots
Our Work/Coda at Tech SquareMain background photoAlex Arnett 2019
Our Work/Coda at Tech SquareBlue Coda signAlex Arnett 2019
Our Work/Coda at Tech SquareStaircaseAlex Arnett 2019
Our Work/Coda at Tech SquareCollaborative CoreAlex Arnett 2019
Our Work/Anthem Technology CenterMain background photoPortman Architects
Our Work/Anthem Technology CenterNight viewPortman Architects
Our Work/Anthem Technology CenterTerrace with treesPortman Architects
Our Work/Anthem Technology CenterPortman Architects
Our Work/712 West PeachtreeMain background photoPortman Architects
Our Work/712 West PeachtreeSub daytime photoPortman Architects
Our Work/712 West PeachtreeSub nighttime photoPortman Architects
Our Work/Springhill Suites/Res InnMain background photoMark Compton 2016
Our Work/Springhill Suites/Res InnHotel roomMark Compton 2016
Our Work/Springhill Suites/Res InnPoolMark Compton 2016
Our Work/Springhill Suites/Res InnHotel from pierMark Compton 2016
Our Work/Intercon SDMain background photoDavid Naughton
Our Work/Intercon SDLobbyDavid Naughton
Our Work/Intercon SDStreet 2 hotelsDavid Naughton
Our Work/Intercon SDView from Lane Field ParkDavid Naughton
Our Work/Union Tower WestMain background photo2017 Moss Photography
Our Work/Union Tower WestRail stationTimothy Hursley 2017
Our Work/Union Tower WestLobby2017 Moss Photography
Our Work/Union Tower WestRestaurant2017 Moss Photography
Our Work/230 PeachtreeMain background photoCraig Bromley
Our Work/230 PeachtreeStaircaseCraig Bromley
Our Work/230 PeachtreeLobby deskCraig Bromley
Our Work/Westin CharlotteMain background photoBrett Osbourne
Our Work/Atlanta Marriott MarquisMain background photoJaime Ardiles-Arce
Our Work/Atlanta Marriott MarquisDusk exterior side viewDavid Naughton
Our Work/Atlanta Marriott MarquisInterior rib cage viewDavid Naughton
Our Work/Atlanta Marriott MarquisBlack and whiteDavid Naughton
Our Work/Westin PT PlazaMain background photoMark Waugh / Alamy Stock Photo
Our Work/Hyatt Reg ATLMain background photoTimothy Hursley 1999
Our Work/Hyatt Reg SFMain background photoAlexandre Georges 1973
Our Work/Hilton San Diego BayfrontExt w face sculptureDavid Naughton
Our Work/Hilton San Diego BayfrontExt with parking on rightHeliphoto / Sibylle Allgaier
Our Work/New York Marriott MarquisMain background photoJeff Zaruba
Our Work/Marina SquarePan Pacific with pool areaPan Pacific, Singapore
Our Work/Peachtree CenterMain background photoKinka Wong
Our Work/SunTrust PlazaMain background photoTimothy Hursley 2009
Our Work/Embarcadero CenterMain background photoDavid Yu
Our Work/Embarcadero CenterStreet level night shot2013 Scott Chernis Photography
Our Work/Northpark TowersAerialMichael Portman 1989
Our Work/Northpark TowersTower with white flowers in frontMichael Portman 1989
Our Work/ADACMain background photoCarmen Caballero
Our Work/ADACInterior level 2John Grover
Our Work/ADACExt front w sculpturesCarmen Caballero
Our Work/AmericasMart AtlantaMain background photoSteve Hogben
Our Work/Shanghai CentreMain background photoThe Portman Ritz-Carlton
Our Work/Shanghai CentreExt tallThe Portman Ritz-Carlton
Our Work/Shanghai CentreFront entranceThe Portman Ritz-Carlton
News & Updates/Coda Topping OutMain photoTodd Parker 2018
News & Updates/Coda KeysightMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/740 financingMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/BRIC PedegoMain photoMark Compton 2016
News & Updates/615 WeWork CBJMain photoAlyssa Gribble, Trinity Partners
News & Updates/Coda City Block AtlMagMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Invest ATL past-futureCharles Pinkham IIIAtlanta Headshots
News & Updates/615 signs tenantMain photoAlyssa Gribble, Trinity Partners
News & Updates/UTW opensMain photoMichelle Meunier Photography
News & Updates/Constr underway CodaMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Another Law Firm UTWMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/UTW Dusty Lot to GemMain photoMichelle Meunier Photography
News & Updates/Lights SD BridgeMain photoPort of San Diego
News & Updates/First Lease UTWMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Law Firm Signs UTWMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/BRIC 2 break groundMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Coda first office leaseMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/New Coda Tower comingMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Portman & Tech CodaMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/BRIC 1 opensMain photoMark Compton 2016
News & Updates/JCP prestigious awardMain
News & Updates/AJC Hotels Old OfficesMain photoHyosub Shin
News & Updates/CO 615 early 2017Main photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/CO 615 early 2017Main photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/JP Atlanta Menu AJCMain photoBen Rose Photography
News & Updates/Two New CranesMain photoEly Portillo
News & Updates/JP Atlanta to resurrectMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/PH close financing 615Main photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/UTW break groundMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/PH announce 615 designMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Adaptive reuse ProjectsMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/New Leases 230Main photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/UTW acquiredMain photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/Break ground BRIC 1Main photoPortman Architects
News & Updates/230 acquiredMain photoSky-Shots 2012
News & Updates/JCP Four Pillar AwardMain photoTom Hamilton 2004
News & Updates/Harvard Visiting ProfesshipMain photoNicole Portman 2012
News & Updates/RE Forum ATL RE IconsMain photoTom Hamilton 2004
News & Updates/Lodging: Something Old, NewMain photoDerryck Menere Photography
News & Updates/Asian investor: Q&A ABMain photoAsian Investor
News & Updates/HNN: Portman hotel acquis.Main photoHotel News
News & Updates/Bisnow ATL Hotel Inv ConfMain photoBisnow