For over sixty-five years, Portman has developed premier projects in the United States and around the world, consistently delivering the highest quality developments that benefit both end users and the broader community. Navigating through an ever-changing landscape of global and domestic conditions, Portman has continually evolved its capabilities, establishing itself as a leading developer of significant commercial, hospitality, residential, industrial, and retail properties.

The Portman team is composed of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in development, construction, asset management, accounting, and capital markets. This proficient group collaborates to achieve exceptional results on every project. By leveraging our integrated team’s expertise across various services, product sectors, and regional markets, we create measurable value and foster enduring relationships with our partners.

Our track record

  • Square Feet of Mixed-Use Developments
  • Square Feet of Commercial Developments
  • Hotel Keys
  • Residential Units
  • Square Feet of Industrial Centers
  • Square Feet of Retail Space
  • Square Feet of Trade Show Space
  • Square Feet of Design Centers


Financing Capabilties

Over its history, Portman has secured and effectively utilized more than $20 billion in capital for financing and refinancing development projects worldwide. Since 2013, we have successfully closed on over $7 billion in combined financing for Class-A, urban mixed-use developments and land acquisitions spanning various product sectors and geographical markets.

Our financing strategies encompass a diverse range of internal and external financial resources, including traditional equity, preferred equity, conventional lender financing, alternative lending and debt fund options, EB-5 investments, public bond issuances, C-PACE financing, and opportunity zone financing, among others.

We maintain strong relationships with a wide array of financial institutions globally and boast a consistent track record of successful project financing spanning more than six decades.


Portman brings more than 67 years of development expertise across various sectors, including commercial, hospitality, residential, industrial, retail, trade show, and design space projects. Through our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to integrity in collaboration with our partners and communities, we have cultivated a distinguished portfolio of iconic properties around the globe.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals and practice leaders who proficiently handle every aspect of the development process, including:

  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Financial feasibility and analysis
  • Project underwriting
  • Pre-development due diligence
  • Planning and zoning approvals
  • Team formation and coordination
  • Master planning, design, and programming
  • Construction management
  • Building commissioning and operations

This comprehensive approach ensures the successful execution of projects from inception to completion, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional results in every endeavor.

Management Services

Presently, Portman oversees the management of more than 6.7 million square feet of operating assets. Our dedicated Asset Management team prioritizes delivering top-tier operational excellence for tenants and users, ultimately driving optimal economic outcomes for each project. We understand the profound impact that a sustained commitment to superior operations can have on a property’s market value. Therefore, we are steadfast in our dedication to fostering continued economic and experiential value long after the development phase concludes.

Portman employs a comprehensive approach that involves both internal resources and external partners. These partnerships encompass third-party property managers, leasing agents, legal support, security personnel, and specialized consultants, all tailored to suit the unique needs of each property. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the user experience while simultaneously generating cost efficiencies that contribute to increased asset value and cash flow.

Public-Private Partnerships

With a rich tradition of collaborating with public bodies worldwide, the Portman team possesses a deep understanding of the desired outcomes these institutions aim for when tackling intricate public-private developments. A crucial aspect of our development approach involves partnering closely with public stakeholders to ensure that projects not only meet specified public objectives but also result in feasible outcomes. At Portman, we prioritize establishing effective communication channels and decision-making frameworks between our development team and the municipal entities involved, ensuring a streamlined development process that brings projects to fruition swiftly.

We have leveraged various public financing and incentive structures to successfully deliver projects, and we are committed to comprehending the available and preferred structures outlined by municipal institutions. Drawing from our expertise gained through past achievements and our financial robustness, we tailor each development to not only meet but exceed project goals.

Our projects

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  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Legacy projects
  • Life Science
  • Mixed-use
  • Office
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • By project location:
  • Asia
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