Stand-Alone & Mixed-Use

Shaping Urban Landscapes

For over 65 years, Portman has been setting the standard for stand-alone and mixed-use developments. We understand the unique advantages and distinct challenges of each type and know how to overcome them. Our stand-alone developments are ideal for businesses seeking dedicated spaces tailored to their needs, offering simplicity and exclusive branding opportunities.

Portman’s mixed-use developments provide sustainability, economic stability, and a sense of community by integrating diverse functions within our developments. These projects represent a forward-thinking approach to urban planning, meeting the evolving demands of modern society.

Our Portfolio
  • Square Feet of Retail Space Developed
  • Square Feet of Retail Space in Development
  • Square Feet of Retail Space Under Management

Ambrish Baisiwala, Chairman & CEO

“Mixed-use developments are transforming urban landscapes by blending various functions within a single space, promoting connectivity, sustainability, and a sense of community. These projects hold immense potential for creating vibrant, livable environments that cater to the evolving needs of modern society.”

Ambrish Baisiwala