A Strategic Approach to Hospitality

Portman maintains a reputation as one of the world’s premier developers of large-scale, urban hotel assets. Our strategy for hotel development lies in a simplistic statement: to provide world-class design and work with best-in-class operators to deliver lodging offerings that are memorable, efficient, and sought after by consumers. Portman has developed over 20,000 hotel keys throughout its history and owns one of the world’s longest proven track records of delivering convention specific hotels. We enjoy relationships with all major hotel brands and tailor the operating partnership to each project to achieve and exceed project goals.

Our Portfolio

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Our Expertise

Convention Center Hotels

Portman’s hotels have a longstanding history of serving as premier convention assets, having developed over 13,000 convention center hotel keys throughout its history. Portman believes strongly that the meeting and convention business has a bright future, as leisure customers and business travelers alike seek out meaningful experiences and will continue to crave in-person interaction. Through optimal marketing,  thoughtful design, and professionally operations, convention center hotels continue to thrive. Portman has a strong operational acumen and will work directly with municipality teams and convention center management to ensure each project delivered is forward-thinking and adaptable to changing market conditions and an evolving customer base.

Boutique Hotels

Portman stands as the foremost hospitality development and management firm, catering to guests in pursuit of unforgettable, distinctive experiences, and proprietors seeking comprehensive, profitable solutions for their individual boutique hotel establishments. Through our hallmark blend of unique design, exceptional dining and wellness offerings, and sincere, welcoming service, we curate unparalleled and lasting memories for guests at each of our boutique hotel destinations.

Full Service Hotels

Portman’s hospitality team possesses an unparalleled proficiency in delivering owners and investors a comprehensive, high-quality approach to hotel real estate development. With Portman’s extensive legacy of constructing and/or developing hotels, we offer unique expertise in successful hospitality development. Our systematic approach to hospitality development, encompassing every stage from market feasibility to site selection, entitlements, construction, and operations management, ensures a proven pathway to success.

Kaunteya Chitnis, Managing Director

“Portman is one of the most innovative and iconic developers in the country and continues to identify terrific opportunities within the hospitality sector. Hotels are part of Portman’s DNA and we have a proven track record of developing uniquely complex and impactful hospitality projects.”

Kaunteya Chitnis