John Portman receives Four Pillar Award

By Maria Saporta

A “humbled” John Portman accepted the Council for Quality Growth’s Four Pillar Award Thursday night in the first hotel he ever designed “” the ground-breaking Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Portman, overcome with emotion several time during his acceptance talk, spoke about how his family has always been there for him “especially Jan, my wife of 69 years.”

After thanking his professional family and friends, he thanked every one for showing up at the dinner, attended by nearly 1,000 people.

“It’s a most humbling experience to be honored in one’s own back yard,” said Portman, who has reached international acclaim as an architect, developer, painter, sculptor and Renaissance man. “People who know me would gulp for me to say humbling, especially here at the Hyatt, which was the first hotel I designed. We didn’t know any better.”

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